4 Situations That Call for Emergency Tree Removal

If you have ever lived in an older home or spent time in a rural area, you know that trees can be tricky to live with. They provide shade, keep homes cool in the summer and prevent homes from being exposed to potential views of their neighbors.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows when living with trees. If left unchecked, a dying or decaying tree can put your property and family members at risk of injury from falling branches or other debris.

In addition to the apparent dangers of falling branches and lightning strikes, there are many less obvious situations where you may need to remove a tree as quickly and efficiently as possible. These situations may not always be evident before they happen, but by knowing what types of trees pose the most significant risk, you can take preemptive action if necessary.

Here are some scenarios that may call for emergency tree services:

1. A Tree Is Rotten and Poses an Immediate Threat to Property or People

A sound tree doesn’t pose a threat to anyone or anything—not even the bird that nests on it. Unfortunately, a diseased or decaying tree is an entirely different beast.

In some cases, the tree might have an internal disease that makes it more susceptible to external damage. A storm, even a mild one, might be enough to topple an infected tree and damage nearby buildings. If the tree falls on electrical wires, it could quickly start a fire.

Inspect the tree regularly for any signs of rot by looking at the trunk from different angles. The tree is probably rotten if you notice any signs of blue or black discoloration, oozing liquid, or a sour smell.

In this situation, you should consider emergency tree removal if decayed or dead trees pose an immediate threat to people or property on your property.

2. A Tree’s Root System Is Deteriorating

Sometimes, an old tree’s root system becomes so entangled with the surrounding soil that it can’t get enough nutrients to sustain its growth. When this happens, the tree’s health will begin to decline, and eventually, it may need to be removed.

The good news is that once the tree has begun to deteriorate, the process is likely to occur quickly and will compromise the tree’s stability.

A large tree can fall in a matter of hours or even topple over during a storm. If this happens near your home, the tree’s dead branches and trunk could cause significant damage to your property. If they fall on a utility line, they could be the source of an interruption in services like water, gas, or sewage.

So, if you notice a tree threatening your home’s infrastructure, you should consider calling an emergency tree service. In some cases, a skilled tree service pro may be able to remove just the part of the tree that’s causing the damage and prevent it from getting worse.

In other cases, though, the tree may be too rotten or decayed for a tree care company to save. In this situation, you’ll probably want to remove the entire tree to prevent more damage and the potential for a full-blown disaster.

3. You Have Just Discovered That the Tree in Your Yard Is a Type That’s Illegal To Grow in Your Local Area

This one is tricky because you might not have known about this issue before planting the tree.

If you’ve just purchased a new home and discover that your yard hosts a tree that’s illegal to grow in your local area, you’ll need to call a tree removal company to have it removed.

Certain tree species pose a significant risk to local ecosystems and even human health. Take, for example, the Giant African Snail Tree. This tree is highly toxic and can cause seizures, skin irritation, and even death. These trees are common in the South and Southwest, and if you find one in your yard, you will need to call in a professional to remove it as quickly as possible.

Not only will such a scenario put your health and property at risk, but it may also cost you a lot of money in fines.

4. A Tree Is Colliding With an Essential Structure

Some trees are perfectly healthy, but they still pose a serious risk to your property. Sometimes a tree will continue to grow so that it begins to collide with your home. In this case, every day that passes without removing the tree will make it more likely that it will cause significant damage to your home.

If a tree collides with your home, it could cause significant damage. It could also cause your house to become structurally unsound, which could endanger your family.

If you know there’s a tree growing too close to your home, it’s best to contact emergency tree removal services before it’s too late. The longer you wait, the more likely the tree will entwine with the structure, making it difficult and costly to remove the tree without causing significant damage to your home.

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Trees are essential to life and can be one of the most beautiful parts of living in a rural area or an older neighborhood. However, they are unpredictable and can pose a serious risk to property and even human life in certain situations.

If you notice any signs of disease or decay in your trees, then you must address the problem as soon as possible. Waiting until an emergency tree removal situation has escalated to the levels described above will make the job much more complex, and it could cost you several times as much to resolve.

Premier Tree Specialists is a professional tree service company with years of experience. We can identify the root of your problems and suggest ways to solve them. Our tree services include stump removal, tree trimming, and removing fallen trees.

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