Common Trees in Ohio and How to Spot Them

Learning About Your Local Trees

Trees come in many different shapes and sizes. With such diverse tree species growing in Ohio, it’s challenging to keep up with all the variations. Luckily, the experts at Premier Trees Specialists are here to help. 

Whether you want to add some new trees to your property or are about to start the tree removal permit processing in Cleveland, knowing your tree variations can come in handy. Knowledge about local trees makes planning out your next landscaping project easier than ever while shaving valuable time off the design process. Below, read about some of the most common trees in Ohio and how you can spot them.


If you live in the greater Cleveland area, you’ve come across at least a few ash trees while exploring the city. They’ve been wildly popular in both suburban and urban areas and adapt to nearly any environment, although the city lost many ash trees to the emerald ash borer over the past two decades. 

Ash trees produce a vast amount of shade and have vivid, colorful leaves during the fall season. The White Ash turns red, purple, yellow and green, while the Green Ash becomes a brilliant yellow. 

Identifying an ash tree is easy, thanks to its unique feather-like leaf shape. They consist of 5 to 11 leaflets and range from 8 to 12 inches long. There are three prominent ash tree variations in Ohio: 

  •       Blue Ash: Common in western Ohio
  •       Green Ash: Mostly located in Ohio’s woodlands
  •       White Ash: Found predominantly in fields and urban areas


Maple trees thrive in Northeastern Ohio and other moderate environments. Much like ash trees, maples provide ample shade and adapt to their region. Their fast growth, beauty, and adaptability make them a favorite among Ohio residents. 

The three most common maple variations in Ohio are the: 

  •       Red Maples: Popular among homeowners, Red Maples produce vibrant red leaves and grow slightly smaller than other variants.
  •       Silver Maples: Known for their gorgeous two-toned leaves, Silver Maples produce distinct leaflets that appear green on the topside and silver underneath. Their roots tend to outgrow their plant space, making them less than ideal for urban environments.
  •       Sugar Maples: Sugar Maples produce a tasty sap during spring that Native Americans converted into syrup and maple sugar (a practice still in place today). They thrive in cooler environments like Northeastern Ohio and grow as tall as 80 feet.

Buckeye/Horse Chestnut

Best known for being Ohio’s state tree, the buckeye is a Horse Chestnut tree variation that flourishes in the western region of the state. They grow up to 60 feet, making them slightly smaller and less imposing than the Horse Chestnut. 

  •       Ohio Buckeye: Produces flowers and nuts in the early spring called buckeyes (hence the name) that resemble deer eyes. They have compound leaves consisting of five leaflets.
  •       Horse Chestnut: These are bigger trees that also produce buckeye nuts and flowers during the spring season. They create more shade than Ohio Buckeyes and have compound leaves with seven leaflets.

Oak Trees

Oak trees are another of the most common trees in Ohio. They are robust, tall trees that produce quality lumber and shade. You can find many oak variants, but the most common in Ohio are: 

  •       Red Oak: A fast-growing oak with superb hardwood
  •       Pin Oak: Favored for landscaping but requires acidic, moist soil to thrive
  •       White Oak: These large oaks display colorful leaf patterns during the fall season. Their wood makes quality lumber.
  •       Bur Oak: Lavish trees that flourish in empty fields. Their stunning shape makes them exceedingly photogenic.

If one of these trees poses a danger within your neighborhood, you can contact us for a safe and reliable tree removal service.

Superior Tree Care at an Affordable Price

If you want to get the most out of your next landscaping project, you’ll need an experienced tree service that knows everything about Ohio’s trees. The pros at Premier Tree Specialists are the leading tree service experts in Cleveland and can take your property’s trees to incredible new heights. Call Premier Tree Specialists at (216) 245-8908 today to enable your yard to reach its full potential.


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