Do I Need a Permit to Do a Tree Removal?

Whenever you think about removing a tree from your neighborhood or property, you should check if a permit is required.

It is an excellent question to ask as you consider other factors like the tree removal cost, the need for emergency tree removal, tree stump removal, stump grinding, taking care of dead trees, and other pertinent aspects of a tree removal company.

In this simple guide, you will know if:

  • A permit is required to remove a tree
  • Is a license needed to cut down a tree on your property?
  • There is a requirement to get a permit.

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Do you need a permit to remove a tree in general?

The answer to this question depends on the area you’re in. Generally speaking, a permit is required to remove a tree from your neighborhood. It can differ from one city to another. You have to know about the local guidelines for a tree removal permit.

Tree removal permits are required based on the location of the tree and the situation of the tree.

Ohio does not have any specific provisions regarding removing trees on private property.

Which kind of tree locations requires a permit?

Street Trees: These are public trees and always require a removal permit.

Trees on a non-residential property: These trees also require a permit.

If you are looking to conduct work on public or commercial property, it may be necessary to double-check to stay in line with the law.

What type of situation requires a permit?

There are several aspects to consider here.

If the tree removal causes damage: Some trees are located on a steep slope or geographically unstable land. The removal of these trees causes damage to the ground and the area around it.


If the tree removal affects the landscape, a permit is required if you want to remove a tree after the landscape plan has been approved.

If the tree is protected: Some trees have protection against removal. In this case, you need a permit.

Do I need a permit to cut down a tree on my property?

This depends on the city you live in and the tree size. Urban areas are concerned about tree removals. So you need a permit if the city protects the tree. To be sure, check your city’s guidelines, specifically the tree protection ordinance.

Sometimes you don’t need a permit to remove a tree. These are when you have:


  • Dead tree- A dead tree may fall and cause harm to your property.
  • Dangerous tree- A hazardous tree threatens persons or property safety.
  • Fallen tree- These trees have already been lost.
  • Not protected tree- A tree that is not covered by the city.


There are also exceptional trees. These types of trees are either historical or significant. If the tree you consider removing is recorded or meaningful, it will be impossible even if you have a permit.

The three types will also be available on the tree protection ordinance; You need to search for the city’s tree protection ordinance on google. You can also talk to an arborist at Premier Tree Specialists in your town to learn about the rules.

If I need a tree removal permit, what is required from me?

You need to search for a tree removal permit in your city. You will find a pdf document in the search results. You can download it and fill it out.

The documents required will be seen on the form you fill out. Arborist report, color photographs of the tree, and a tree removal site plan is required.

The urgency of the removal will be asked. You need to specify the reason for removal. You need to know the type and estimated height of the tree you’re removing. You can also fill for a tree replacement.

You will finish the form by filling in the application fee and personal information. You can now submit your form.

How long does a tree removal permit take to get accepted?

After two weeks of your application, a staff member will come to inspect the tree and the area surrounding it. After the inspection, It takes 1-3 weeks to get the results of your application.

What will happen if I cut down a tree without a permit?

You will get fined. The acceptable amount depends on the type of tree you removed, the significance of the tree, and the city you’re living in.

As we have mentioned, the type of tree (dead, fallen, not protected, and dangerous). You may not be fined if you remove a dead tree that is not protected and located on your property.

There is a possibility of being fined up to $5000. For example, cutting down an old tree (historical) is significant in terms of size and a home for unique species of birds.

Some specific trees may be illegal to cut down in your city. You can pay up to $500 for this.

Knowing about the tree protection ordinance of your city can help you avoid paying a fine. Talk to a certified arborist at Premier Tree Specialists if you are unsure.

In general, we all want to see nature and breathe fresh air regardless of our location. Everyone wants a tree in their garden. The importance of trees to your environment is not something to neglect.

Removing trees should be your last option. There are other ways to maintain a tree without removing it.

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