Why Hire a Tree Service Company with a Google Guaranteed Badge?

In 2018, Google introduced the Google Guaranteed badge. This program allows business owners to provide potential customers with extra reassurance.

Looking for professional tree service can be daunting. Even if you find a promising company, how do you know it will offer you the services it claims to provide?

Naturally, not every customer has the time to conduct thorough assessments and analyze reviews. Therefore, using a business with a Google Guaranteed badge can draw more clients your way.

This article will take a closer look at this Google Local Services Ads feature. You’ll also learn how this tool can help you find a reliable tree company in Pepper Pike, OH.

What Is the Google Guaranteed Badge?

The Google Guaranteed badge is an AdWords product that targets local businesses offering home improvement services. It is a certification program Google created to boost customer confidence in local businesses. Furthermore, it provides protection in case something goes wrong.

How Does It Work?

Businesses must first sign up for Google Local Services Ads before applying for the program.

When a business applies, Google will check its license, insurance, and online reviews. It will also conduct a background check on the business’s owners and employees. Additionally, the businesses will need to have general liability insurance.

If the business passes the screening, Google provides it with a logo or badge next to its ad. This badge will show potential customers that Google has prequalified the business.

How to Tell If a Tree Service Company Has a Google Guarantee

Google adds a green checkmark badge under the name of eligible businesses. If you conducted your search using Google Assistant instead of the standard Google screen, you will receive an audible confirmation when you choose a company with the guarantee.

The Benefits of Hiring a Tree Service Company with a Google Guaranteed Badge

Few things are more frustrating than trying to vet companies online. However, looking for businesses with the Google Guaranteed badge can aid this process.

Here’s why you should always work with a tree service company with a Google Guaranteed badge.

Service Guarantees

It is common for businesses to manipulate potential customers by posting fake reviews on Google and other local websites. Unfortunately, Google can’t verify whether those reviews are from genuine customers.

Now, you can rest easy knowing that the company you choose has gone through and passed Google’s rigorous vetting.


Google ensures the services you book via Local Services Ads. Some services might even have a lifetime cap, depending on your location.

Therefore, working with a company with a Google Guaranteed Badge offers peace of mind. You’ll know you can claim the invoice amount if you are dissatisfied with the company’s service.

Dispute Resolution

If you are unhappy with the service or something goes wrong, you can submit a claim to Google. Google will reach out to you and the tree service company to learn more about the dispute.

Should you and the company fail to find a resolution, Google will try to resolve the matter fairly. The final outcome depends on its findings and discretion.

Professional Tree Services You Can Trust

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