Mushrooms on Trees: Should You Be Alarmed?

We have an interesting relationship with mushrooms, and many homeowners are concerned when they spot mushrooms on trees. Wild mushrooms can be a welcoming sight when they’re growing on your lawn. However, when growing on a living tree, they can be a disaster. 

This blog post explores mushrooms, how they affect trees, and what you can do to eliminate them, including scheduling professional tree service in Pepper Pike, OH

What Exactly Are Mushrooms? 

Before exploring why mushrooms on trees can be a bad sign, let’s first look at what mushrooms are. Mushrooms are a fungus that plays a crucial role in the earth’s ecosystems. 

Essentially, their central role is transporting nutrients to plant life, either when they’re alive or when they decompose their organic matter. Not all fungi are harmful to your trees; many have a symbiotic relationship, providing your tree with many benefits. 

Unfortunately, most mushrooms are harmful and eat away at a tree’s wood. When you spot mushrooms growing on your tree, the fungus has already started eating your tree. This process begins from the inside and carries through the tree’s outside.

How Can Mushrooms Damage Your Trees?  

Mushrooms on trees almost always indicate internal damage. As the fungus spreads out, it releases an enzyme that decomposes the tree. 

After significant internal damage, it starts spreading to your tree’s exterior. At this point, your tree will begin deteriorating on the outside, which can lead to the following issues: 

  • A weakened structure: A tree sporting mushrooms indicates a weakened structure and can cause problems like falling branches, tilting, or collapsing. These issues can lead to property damage or even hurt people and pets. 
  • A dead tree: A dead tree on your property can present various issues requiring you to remove it immediately. Unfortunately, spotting a dead tree can be challenging to the untrained eye. 
  • Fungus spreading to other trees: Tree diseases like fungus can quickly spread to other trees on your property. Once this fungus spreads, it can attack other trees or plant life. 
  • Pest infestations: A tree with mushrooms can attract pests, including insects and small mammals, like rodents, or certain birds. 

What Types of Mushrooms Grow on Trees? 

Tree fungi come in many sizes and shapes, but we’ll explore the three main types you are more likely to encounter: 

  • Shelf fungus: Shelf fungus resembles tiny shelves protruding from your tree. This type of fungus exists in many textures and colors. 
  • The classic cap fungus: When you hear the word mushroom, cap fungus is most likely what you picture. Cap fungus primarily grows on a tree’s trunk. 
  • Jelly fungus: This fungus gets its name due to its gooey texture. 

Is There Anything You Can Do About Mushrooms Growing on Your Tree? 

You might wonder if saving your tree when it becomes infected with fungi is possible. Unfortunately, by the time you spot mushrooms, your tree could be past the point of return. Our team at Premier Tree Specialists, LLC, will do their best to save your tree. 

We can cut tree branches infected with mushrooms to prevent the fungus from spreading. However, mushrooms growing on tree roots or stumps are more challenging. In this situation, removing the tree might be the only solution. 

Protect Your Trees and Property with Professional Tree Services

Dealing with problems like remaining tree stumps or fungal infections requires help from experienced arborists. At Premier Tree Specialists, our team is available 24/7 to help prevent and remove mushrooms on trees. 

Pepper Pike, OH, residents can discover why you should hire a Google Guaranteed tree company by calling our professionals at Premier Tree Specialists at (216) 245-8908


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