Three Reasons to Avoid Planting Non-Native Trees in Ohio

Few people know the negative impact of planting non-native trees on the Ohio landscape. In extreme cases, the existence of non-native species can lead to health problems for animals, humans, and the rest of the ecosystem.

This article will take a closer look at native and non-native trees, highlighting why you should avoid planting invasive species.

Why You Should Avoid Planting Non-Native Trees in Ohio

Native trees are species that have adapted to a region’s soil and climate conditions. They also experience fewer disease and insect problems and require little to no pesticides, fertilizers, or added water.

Furthermore, with native animals, birds, and insects relying on native trees for shelter and food, they might not adapt well to non-native trees.

While many have experienced success planting and growing trees outside their native area, there are several reasons why arborists advise against doing so.

1. Non-Native Trees Are Invasive

There is always a possibility that non-native trees can thrive in unfamiliar landscapes. However, these trees end up impeding the area’s existing plant life, choking them and leading to a negative ecological impact.

2. An Invasive Plant Can Disrupt the Surrounding Ecosystem

There is usually a specific weather condition, animal, or insect that keeps the growth of native trees in check. Planting non-native trees in new areas allows them to grow without hindrance. This unchecked growth can lead to significant disruptions that could destroy the area’s ecosystem.

3. Invasive Species Introduce Uncommon Allergies

A non-native tree can introduce new allergies to the area, resulting in uncommon respiratory and other health issues.

For instance, there was a time the Southwest was primarily free of allergenic plants and pollens. However, residents moving to the area brought and planted non-native trees. Today, those non-native trees are part of Southwest’s landscape and cause severe allergies, especially during the summer and spring months.

Why Native Trees Are Preferable

There are many reasons why experts recommend planting native trees. For starters, planting native trees goes a long way in re-establishing and maintaining the region’s original ecosystem, limiting biological invasions.

They also tend to drop leaves sooner and leaf out later, allowing the sun to reach the tree’s understory for more extended periods.

Not only does this make lead cleanup easier, but it also helps low-growing plants to perform much better. In addition, many wildlife species are unfamiliar with non-native trees and can’t use them for shelter or food.

Avoiding planting non-native trees will also be kinder to your pocket. For example, with native trees better suited to Ohio’s climate, they require less fertilizer and water. Additionally, they have developed natural defenses against pests and diseases, reducing the amount of fungicides and pesticides you use.

From the biological invasions they limit to the less water and pesticides they need, planting native trees offers comprehensive benefits that the residents and local environment can enjoy.

Get Professional Arborist Consulting Services in Ohio

As beneficial as they are, planting trees might not be as straightforward as you think, especially if you want them to thrive. These existing complexities make tree service in Concord, OH, by Premier Trees a necessity.

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