Premier Tree Care – A Plant Health Care Guide

Premier Tree Care – A Plant Health Care Guide

In Pepper Pike, OH, and the surrounding areas, trees, and other plant life are critical for the longevity of the ecosystem, the production of oxygen, and the overall beauty of the landscape. It is our task to ensure that the trees, shrubs, bushes, and other plants remain healthy and secure all year round.

At Premier Tree Specialists in Pepper Pike, OH, we are dedicated to helping ensure that the plants and trees of our clients are well taken care of throughout the entire year. We provide high-quality service and the benefits of our years of experience to every customer because we care about the health of the trees and plants in your landscaping.


What Is Plant Health Care?

Plant health care refers to the actions taken by professional arborists as well as homeowners and business owners to ensure the plants in their landscaping are able to thrive and remain healthy. Just as humans and animals need proper health care in order to stay in tip-top condition, so do trees and other plant life.

With proper plant and tree care, you can rest assured that your trees will have long-lasting lives and continue to provide you with the advantages you have come to treasure. At Premier Tree Specialists, we use environmentally sensitive practices approved by the tree care industry association to ensure that you continue to have healthy trees and plants.


Why Homeowners and Business Owners Should Care about Plant Health

There are several reasons that homeowners and business owners should care about the health of the plants, trees, and shrubs on their property. First, the aesthetics of beautiful, healthy plant life cannot be understated. Great landscaping adds value to your property and makes a good impression on your neighbors and any potential customers who visit your building. Based on looks alone, investing in tree care and plant health is well worth the time and effort.

Another reason that health care for the plants and trees on your property is important is for safety. When you have large trees on your property and they happen to be near homes, buildings, telephone poles, and electrical wires, they may pose a potential hazard during severe weather.

Large broken branches that were already weakened by disease, decay, or pests can come crashing down and cause serious damage to property or, worse, harm to anyone in its path. Proper maintenance of shade trees and plants can prevent such tragedies from occurring.


Critical Features of Plant Health Care

Many homeowners and business owners know and understand the value of proper care for trees and plants but are not sure of how to start or what is involved in the process. At Premier Tree Specialists, each certified arborist on our team can provide a property owner like you the cost-effective preventive treatment, routine monitoring, and professional tree service (such as tree pruning, tree removals, and stump grinding) needed to keep your plants in the best possible condition.

In addition to preventive maintenance, it is also important to focus on the following plant health care activities:

  • Pest Management: Insects can have serious negative effects on the health of various plants, especially if they are an invading species. Pests can cause plants to decline or become stressed which may lead to decay and even nutrient deficiency.
  • Disease Prevention and Management: It is sometimes a reality that a plant or tree may become diseased. If this happens and a trained arborist is able to catch it early, he or she may be able to save the tree and return life to it. A prolonged disease, though, may lead to the death of the plant and a need for its removal.
  • Fertilization: As with any other living thing, trees and shrubs require nutrients. A nutrient deficiency can have severe effects on the plant’s health, but proper fertilization can provide the plants with the nutrients they need. Our arborists will evaluate your trees and plants and determine what, if any, fertilization is required.
  • Root Collar Excavation: The root collar, or root crown, of a tree is the portion of the tree that transitions between the roots and the trunk. If the collar is covered, it can cause serious problems such as water mold fungus or a lack of air and light for healthy growth. This can lead to the decay and death of the tree. Excavating the root collar can quickly solve this issue.
  • Soil and Tissue Testing: The soil in which the tree is planted is one of the most important factors to the continued health of the tree. It is critical that the soil is correct for the tree and has enough water, aeration, and drainage available for optimal tree health. Our certified arborists will ensure that your soil is right for your trees.
  • Tree Removal (as needed): When a tree is diseased beyond repair or has died, it poses a threat to the surrounding homes, buildings, and plant life. It will need to be removed carefully and professionally to prevent any damage.


When you invest in the tree care services of Premier Tree Specialists, you will see that we dedicate ourselves to the health and well-being of your plant life. We also strive to develop a strong working relationship with each of our customers so that we fully understand your landscape goals and can help you achieve them.


Contact The Pepper Pike, OH, Tree Care Specialists

If you are a resident or business owner in Pepper Pike, OH, or the surrounding service area and you are looking for a professional arborist to maintain your landscape as well as the safety of your home and business, look no further than Premier Tree Specialists. We are skilled and highly trained, and each arborist on our team is well-versed in the local plant life of the Pepper Pike, OH, area. Contact us now to find out more about proper health care for plants.



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