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For outdoor spaces to be beautiful, it requires regular work and care. It would need time and care to genuinely invest in the landscape and ensure health, security, and durability. In this busy world, not many people have the time or knowledge to genuinely invest in tree removal, trimming, pruning, and general tree care in Central Ohio.

In essence, there’s a pressing need to employ tree service specialists for different outdoor care activities around us.

But thankfully, you can take advantage of professional tree services in Central Ohio to ensure that tree removal, tree trimming, tree care, and effective Ohio tree service options are there for you.

If you need help with your tree removal, and general tree care options, reach out to our professional tree service firm today. Our Ohio tree care company will offer expert tree service, ISA-certified arborists, and general tree care that will meet your needs.

Premier Tree Specialists, LLC. is a rapidly growing company with many years of experience. We specialize in commercial and residential services providing a variety of tree care needs.
Our team cares about trees and the role they play in the community. We take the safety of our client’s property, our crews, and our customers very seriously and would be honored to serve your tree care needs.


Premier Tree Specialists, LLC. and Our Tree services

Here are our tree service options from our ISA-certified arborists.


Tree trimming and pruning

Tree trimming is focused primarily on aesthetics. This task is to maintain a tree’s desired shape and appearance. Trees can become unwieldy when left alone, so there is a need to prune them to beautify the environment. Trimming mostly involves thinning out overgrown branches, which helps create shapely growth. Pruning helps protect against pests and diseases and promotes strong growth. 


Our Approach to Trimming and Pruning

  1. Trim or prune a tree during its dormant season. Although you can technically prune a tree, it is best done when it is dormant. The only exception is when a hazard exists.
  2. We are conscientious about the size of the branch that we are going to remove. If it is less than five centimeters in diameter, removing it is fine. If it is between five and 10 centimeters in diameter, we will take extra caution and assess if necessary. If it is more than 10 centimeters in diameter, we would only do so if we have a really good reason.
  3. We will only trim branches that have weak, V-shaped, narrow angles. Our ISA-certified arborists will retain branches that have strong, U-shaped curves. Lateral branches should be between one-half and three-quarters the diameter of the stem at the point of attachment. Otherwise, they should be removed.
  4. We aim to prune away branches when they are young. They are much easier to manage at that point, and the risk of leaving nasty scars is much lower.
  5. We will not trim a branch too close or too long. Our team will not leave a large stub or remove the branch collar.



Stump grinding is another service that is offered for the beautification of the environment and production.

Stump grinding is the literal grinding of a tree stump. A stump grinder chews away at the stump wood that’s left after a tree has been cut down.

All stump grinders use a powerful, rotating blade that rips into the wood as it turns. The blade’s teeth cut the stump wood into small pieces. Our operator guides the blade over the entire stump as it reduces the wood to chips and takes the stump down to well below ground level.



  1. Stumps are a Hazard: Leaving stumps lying around can become a source of discomfort because they can cause accidents, especially to little children.
  2. Tree Stumps aren’t pretty: Tree stumps kill the visual appeal of your lawn or landscape.
  3. Stumps attract insects: If you leave a tree stump, the decaying stump and the roots take a long time to rot. While the decay takes place, it attracts beetles, termites, ants, and other wood-eating creatures.



Another vital service for the survival of plants is its health care. Plant Health Care is a total health care solution for evaluating, maintaining, identifying, and treating your trees and shrubs and their environment. For example, most plants are easily susceptible to pests and diseases; plant health care workers are trained to identify such problems and diseases, their effects on the plants and tackle these issues that affect the plant.



Emergency Tree Services offer help in tracking issues that concern the plants around you and your environment. These services help trim and prune, stump grinding, tree removals, and plant health care at a moment’s notice. We provide emergency services in a natural disaster or other related cause that requires effective tree service and tree care as quickly as possible.



Consulting arborists are necessary for a wide variety of reasons.

Our qualified tree experts have experience and qualifications in the field of arboriculture. They are distinguished authorities on the health, safety, and preservation of trees in the environment, much like a doctor would be to a human patient.

These professionals understand tree removal, general tree service, and overall tree care in Central Ohio.

They help in the care and conservation of tree and shrub health. If a tree becomes damaged during a storm and poses a threat to people, a consulting arborist will be called to provide an honest and qualified answer as to how the situation should be handled. 

They do not only do the work but offer their expert advice on what should be done to ensure that the situation is dealt with properly. If you are looking for effective tree care and wonderful tree service options, reach out to us at Premier Tree Specialists, LLC today. Don’t be stumped. Consult an arborist today!


We Know Tree Work and Tree Care

Our professionals at Premier Tree Specialists, LLC understand the value of exemplary tree service, tree care, stump removal, and more. We are here to do an excellent job professionally in the Cleveland , Ohio, area.

Whether you have experienced storm damage in the Cleveland area or experience some other issues with your trees in Cleveland , reach out to the Premier Tree Specialists, LLC.

When you reach out to us, you can obtain the knowledge, experience, and expertise from an ISA-certified arborist team that provides professional tree service in Cleveland , Ohio.


Premier Tree Specialists is a rapidly growing company with countless years of experience. We specialize in commercial and residential services providing a variety of tree care needs.

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