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Professional Tree Trimming and Pruning in the Beachwood and Cleveland OH Area

Whether you are looking to remove dead branches or just clean up the appearance of your residential or commercial property, Premier  Tree Specialists, LLC. is the best choice in Beachwood, Ohio and the surrounding Cleveland areas. Tree trimming has a variety of potential benefits including dramatically improving the appearance, health, safety, and value of your property. Call us today to discuss your pruning and landscaping needs, prices and schedule our services!

Benefits of Regular Professional Tree Service and Maintenance

It is difficult to overstate the importance of tree trimming and maintenance. Trees are often the first thing that people see when they approach your property, and they are the beacons that define a landscape. There are many more benefits, too, including:

  • Boost Property Value – Proper landscaping and tree maintenance can increase a home’s value by up to 30 percent. Even an average improvement to the property’s looks can boost it by six to seven percent. Properly cared-for trees are a sign of a high-quality property as well as potential savings. Conversely, shoddy maintenance and upkeep can reduce the value of a home by as much as ten percent.
  • Improve Safety – Experienced technicians will improve the overall safety of your property with meticulous branch trimming and landscaping. That includes snipping dead or diseased limbs whose weakness may not be easy to spot to the untrained eye. They will also remove broken or dangling branches that may pose a risk to passersby.
  • Add More Sun Exposure – If you’ve noticed bald patches in your lawn around your trees, trimming can help make those patches disappear. Well-executed tree and branch trimming can maximize the amount of sunlight your property receives which can promote grass growth.
  • Keep Trees Healthier – Premier Tree Specialists, LLC. can diagnose the health of a tree and provide steps to treat potential problems and maintain its beauty. Not only does this improve safety, but this proactive care benefits the health of the tree. A professional arborist can address cracks, cavities, cankers, and more to prevent the issues from spreading or getting worse.

Tree Pruning in Beachwood OH and Cleveland OH

Tree pruning is a core aspect of many landscaping projects. It can help keep your trees healthy and your lawn looking its best by bringing out its beauty. While the average homeowner is probably familiar with tree pruning as a concept, or even in practice, the task takes on an art form in the field.

Tree pruning can be a difficult and time-consuming task for homeowners, especially if the branches are out of reach or if you do not have the proper tools. That is why the helping hands of Premier Tree Specialists, LLC. are here to assist you. Thanks to decades of collective experience, we will transform your trees into the masterpieces you want them to be.

Let Us Do the Work for You

There are a variety of tree trimming, pruning options, tree care or tree services that we offer. Here are a couple of examples of our pruning and trimming services:

  • Crown Cleaning– Crown cleaning is a basic form of tree pruning. It includes snipping away dead, dying, or broken branches. Our team at Premier Tree Specialists, LLC.  is trained to remove these types of limbs without hesitation. Often, crown cleaning is in relation to a specific branch length or diameter. For instance, a homeowner may request to remove any weak branches that are one inch thick or larger. This cover-all provides a guideline to the tree trimmers as well as a uniform final appearance.
  • Crown Thinning – If homeowners want to increase the amount of light around their home, crown thinning is arguably the best option. This technique removes shady or ill-placed branches that prevent light penetration and stifle air movement. Crown thinning allows the tree to have spacious foliage without compromising the overall form.
  • Crown Raising – Crown raising focuses on the lowest branches as a way of elevating foliage. The goal is to provide vertical clearance that puts the canopy on a distinct tier. An example of this technique may include pruning a tree or bush of any branches that are within ten feet of ground level.

Regardless of what tree trimming or tree service you need, Premier Tree Specialists, LLC.  has the skills and experience to make your vision a reality and maintain your property. In fact, there are many instances where we combine these pruning techniques to enhance the look and feel of the trees. That’s one of the many benefits you receive when you entrust the professional Premier Tree Specialists, LLC.  with your tree trimming responsibilities.

Trust the professionals from Premier Tree Specialists, LLC and give us a call.

We strive to do everything in our power to make sure that customers are delighted with the quality of our work. We want to be your tree service company for life. If there is anything we can do to make your service better, don’t hesitate to let us know and give us a call to discuss projects and cost to bring out the beauty of your space.

We are professionals who proudly service both residential and commercial customers. Whether you need branch trimming for your home, office, or store, Premier Tree Specialists, LLC.  has you covered. Our friendly and dependable specialists will leverage their experience and knowledge to ensure your property gets the highest quality service depending on its unique features and aesthetics.  Call us today to schedule an appointment with a professional and get free estimates!




Premier Tree Specialists is a rapidly growing company with countless years of experience. We specialize in commercial and residential services providing a variety of tree care needs.

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