Tree Removal Permit Cleveland OH

Tree Removal Permit Cleveland OH, City of Cleveland Tree Ordinance

There are several reasons why you might want to remove a tree. The tree might be dead, damaged, diseased, or too large. The tree might also have defects in its trunk or pose an immediate danger due to its position.

The tree removal process is usually straightforward. All you would generally need to do is call a tree removal professional and schedule the removal. However, in the city of Cleveland, specific rules and regulations govern the removal of trees. An example of one of those rules is the need for a tree removal permit.

Through this article, we aim to guide you through tree removal permits in Cleveland, OH, telling you what they are, why they are necessary, and how you can get one.

Cleveland’s Tree Removal Rules and Regulations

According to the law, when it comes to removing trees on your private property, that responsibility falls entirely on the property owner.

In fact, the Shade Tree Commissioner can order you to remove any diseased or dead tree if they find the action to be necessary to prevent damage to property or injury to people. The Commissioner can also require tree removal to stop the diseased tree from infecting other trees located on your property or adjacent public land.

The law goes as far as to state that should you fail to remove the tree within the specified time frame, the Commissioner can proceed to cut the tree down at your expense. Sometimes, this expense could include the cost of a suit.

With that being said, the city has still placed restrictions on the removal of certain trees. To be specific, Cleveland prohibits the removal of any city trees. These are trees growing on city streets, public property, right of ways, and tree lawns. If you wish to remove city-owned trees, you have to apply and pay for a tree removal permit.

How To Get a Tree Removal Permit in Cleveland, OH

Trees are an essential part of most communities, often offering them several benefits. Through tree removal permits, Cleveland, OH, can ensure that it protects its trees and only removes those beyond saving.

To get a permit to remove a city-owned tree, you have to get in touch with the Urban Forestry office at (216) 666-3235 to request an inspection.

The goal of the city’s Urban Forestry office is to create a safe urban forest while maintaining its natural beauty. Its activities often include planting, pruning, and removing street trees that are hazardous to public safety.

Field Operations Foresters carry out the inspection to determine whether or not the tree needs to be removed. You will need to provide them with certain information, including the species name of the tree you would like to remove, its height and diameter, and why you want to remove it.

Usually, a tree removal permit is granted if the tree is found to be dying, dead, has significant structural issues that increase the risk of failure, or is infected with Emerald Ash Borer.

If the tree removal is deemed necessary, you will be granted a written permit. The removal must then be done following the terms stated in the granted permit.

Will a Site Plan Help You Get Your Permit?

Whether including a site plan in your request will help you get the removal permit depends on how much value your site plan adds to the review process.

For instance, creating a well-detailed site plan would allow authorities to gauge the impact cutting down that tree will have on your locality. The site plan will show the tree’s location and the various properties surrounding the tree. The details you provide could include landscape features, overhead cables, and permanent structures.

Though including a site plan will not guarantee that the city will grant your tree removal permit, a well-structured plan can increase your approval chances.

Tree Removal Service in Cleveland, OH

When your application is granted, and you receive your tree removal permit, it is your responsibility to pick a third-party company with the proper credentials and reputation to handle the removal of the tree.

If you need such a company, get in touch with Premier Tree Specialists. We pride ourselves on being the knowledgeable and experienced tree removal service in Cleveland. We have a highly trained arborist team whose attention to detail ensures that we always get the job done right. Reach out to the professionals here at Premier Tree Specialists by dialing (216) 245-8908 and tell us about all your landscaping needs.


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