Tree Removal – When is it Considered Necessary

Trees are quite beautiful, but they can pose a safety risk if not cared for properly. There is a myriad of reasons for trees needing to be cut down. Some of these include storm damage or the roots posing a threat to your foundation.

Cracks in the trunk and insect infestations are other reasons you would need to have a tree removed. It can be hard to decide to remove a tree. Trees tend to go deep into the ground with their roots, meaning there might be memories associated with the tree. Use the tips below to decide if it is time to remove the tree. 

Bark Falling Off Significantly

The first obvious sign is if the bark is falling off in large portions. This will be followed by large branches falling. This falling does not have to be the result of a storm necessarily. This will be something that you will notice on just a regular day. Another part of the tree to pay attention to is the crown. If you see that this area produces leaves at a delayed rate compared to other tree parts, it is a definitive sign that it is time to remove the tree. That is yet another sign if the tree’s base has mushrooms or fungi growing. You might also see piles of sawdust on the ground; this is often missed, so it is best to look for the other signs as they can be more apparent. 

These signs of decay occur when there are insufficient nutrients. Typically, the nutrients are present but cannot be circulated efficiently through the tree’s system, which results in these signs of decay. Once these signs show up, it is too late to save the tree. The only exception would be someone who has extensive experience with trees, such as an arborist. Using his expertise, this individual might be able to craft a successful plan to save the tree or at least delay the decay from spreading.

A tree that is just beginning to decay can survive for many years. The question becomes whether or not it should be allowed to continue? This is because the appearance of the tree will change drastically. This can hurt the overall look of your property. 

If you are looking for a tree removal service in Pepper Pike, OH, and surrounding areas, reach out to our team today. We know that dying trees can create a wide range of problems.

Our team of professionals understands different tree species and ensures to remove dead trees with our holistic tree removal process.

An Arborist Will Offer Effective Tree Services

The sawdust mentioned previously is typically a result of an insect infestation. This can result in nearby trees being infested, so the tree must be removed as soon as possible.

Desirable Trees and Resulting Attractions

Other things to consider are if the tree is desirable. Often trees are planted by individuals that have no idea what the tree is. This can result in species such as black locusts, Bradford pear, empress tree, and willows being planted. These trees are often undesirable due to their characteristics, such as weak wood prone to breakage, shallow roots, and increased risk of succumbing to insect infestations. Some of these species are also invasive. This can result in trees growing in areas you do not want them to. 

Tree Removal

Whether a tree needs to be removed depends on its’ location. If the tree is located in an area with decreased risk of threat to humans, then the tree can be left alone. Decaying trees play a role in wildlife in that they provide a place for nests and various species of birds to find food. Trees that need to be removed will cause structural issues or injury to humans. Whether there are power lines or other elements that the tree might interfere with, it is necessary to take care of these long-dead branches or the whole tree.

Always Work with A Professional Tree Removal Company

Some trees appear easy to remove but can pose a safety risk. This is especially true for trees such as ash trees. These trees will become brittle as they decay. Experienced arborist professionals tend to struggle to remove trees such as this, so it is ill-advised for amateurs to attempt to remove them. When deciding to remove a tree, contact a professional. 

Tree Removal Services Are Critical

Remember that our firm, Premier Trees LLC, will have tree experts and arborists on staff. This is the type of company you should hire to look at trees you are suspicious of.

Arborists often use tree removal as a last resort. Arborists at Premier Trees LLC specifically can work with you and figure out ways to potentially save the tree.

Arborists at Premier Trees LLC can also guide you on preventing decay or what can be done differently in the future to avoid deterioration. Some other things can affect trees, such as herbicides resulting in abnormalities.

An arborist would be able to differentiate between decay and other causes of abnormalities sufficiently. An arborist would look for signs of severe internal damage before suggesting the removal of a tree. Signs of extensive damage are old wounds, vertical cracks, and seams. If a tree is wounded and the wound cannot heal properly, there will often be a permanent injury.

Reach Out To Premier Trees LLC in Pepper Pike, OH and Surrounding Areas

If you are looking for tree services in Pepper Pike, OH, and surrounding areas, reach out to our team today.

We ensure to do everything the right way. That means that if we need a tree removal permit, we will provide it to obtain it. Looking at tree removal costs, you can be sure that our team will be transparent and honest.

We always act with integrity for large trees and small tree projects.

From the tree removal cost to providing other services, like tree trimming or tree pruning, you can be sure that our team will assist and stay professional throughout the project.


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