The Different Types of Tree Trimming That Tree Service Companies Do

Tree trimming is essential to keep trees healthy and thriving. However, it’s not as simple as it looks. You can’t just cut off branches and limbs at random. If you do, you might accidentally damage or even kill your trees!

There are different types of tree trimming services, with each having a specific purpose in mind. Tree trimming is a job best left to experienced professionals who know exactly what kind of tree trimming your trees require to stay healthy. If you want the best maintenance for your trees, you need the top tree service experts in Concord from Premier Tree Specialists.

Why is Tree Trimming Important?

Tree trimming is an important part of regular tree maintenance. There are various goals in tree trimming, such as:

  • Removing diseased, dying, or dead tree parts
  • Reducing falling hazards from overgrown branches
  • Improving tree aesthetics
  • Reducing wind resistance
  • Shade reduction and increased light penetration
  • Encouraging flower or fruit growth
  • Preventing branches from growing into power lines or nearby structures

In general, tree trimming aims to promote healthy growth, prevent potential pests and diseases from spreading, and control the direction of your tree canopy. 

Tree Trimming Services

Here are the various types of tree trimming services offered by tree care specialists and how they can help maintain tree health:

  • Deadwooding

Deadwooding is a process that involves removing tree limbs or branches that are dead, dying, or have been infected by pests or diseases. The goal is to remove the infected parts of the tree and prevent the spread of the invading disease or pest. Removing dead branches and limbs also eliminates the risk of these parts falling and causing injuries.

  • Crown Lifting

Crown lifting involves removing the low-growing branches of a tree to prevent these branches from growing into nearby structures or causing obstructions. Removing major lower branches can damage and weaken a tree. Over trimming can also cause sunburn if you remove too many lower branches. However, an experienced arborist must perform this type of tree trimming technique.

  • Tree Topping

Tree topping is a type of tree trimming that focuses on the upper portion of the tree. This process is also called heading and involves pruning trees to reduce their size. Tree topping is rarely used as a tree trimming technique since it can easily weaken and damage a tree. Generally, it is only recommended for emergency tree services if no other tree trimming options are available.

  • Crown Reduction

Crown reduction decreases a tree’s canopy. Most tree services will recommend this method instead of tree topping since it causes less stress and damage to trees. Overgrown or weak branches are removed from treetops to reduce falling hazards and promote better growth. Crown reduction is better for trees since you remove only select branches and keep the tree’s framework intact.

Get the Best Tree Trimming Services Today

Getting the right type of tree trimming is critical to keeping your trees healthy. If you are unsure which types of tree trimming are right for you, the expert team at Premier Tree Specialists is happy to help!

Aside from tree trimming services, Premier Tree Specialists offer a wide range of tree maintenance services to answer all your tree service needs. We also offer tree removal, stump removal, and arborist consulting to help our clients in Pepper Pike and the surrounding areas. Learn more about common tree diseases found in Ohio.

Whatever types of tree trimming you need in Concord, OH, contact the professionals by giving us a call at 216-245-8908 today. Rely on Premier Tree Specialists to keep your trees healthy.


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