What I Must NOT Do In Tree Removal

When trees get old or diseased, they risk falling and damaging your house, car, or other property near the tree. They can also fall and injure or even cause death to people near them. After assessing the risk of the old or diseased tree, it’s important to consider removing it from your surroundings.

The Tree Removal Process

The process of removing a tree from your backyard is not an easy job. It would be best if you had special machinery and experience to do it right and safely.

You should seek services from a professional tree removal or tree service company. A tree removal company or contractor has logging experience that will be necessary to ensure the exercise is safe.

A certified arborist will then assess the tree’s health, species, and root system to determine how safe it is to remove the tree. It may be a safety hazard to climb “dead trees.” The arborists will then estimate the height and diameter of the trees. These measurements will guide the teams on the best way to cut the tree and may influence the tree removal costs. If the trees are tall and will fall on and damage nearby power lines, property or other trees, then they will cut them in sections as they lower the sections to the ground with a rope or by crane after pruning off the overgrown branches.

Precautions to Take During Tree Removal

It is imperative to consider all the necessary safety measures before embarking on any tree removal exercise. Your local safety office will highlight most of these measures, and you should follow them accordingly.

Don’t Forget That Safety Is Paramount

Ensure you have the right gear and tree-cutting equipment. The correct protective gear includes hand gloves, protective goggles, a helmet and work boots.

Next, ensure that your surroundings are clear of any property or power lines that the falling tree may destroy. This safety measure will protect you from unnecessary lawsuits and insurance claims.

Don’t Work Alone

It’s essential to have someone look at the tree to alert you in case of any emergency like falling branches. Also, it would be wise to map out clear escape routes if both of you need to run to safety.

Don’t Use The Wrong Tools

Inspect your tools before you start any tree removal exercise. Ensure that your chain saw is well oiled, sharp, has enough gas and that the chain is tight enough. These checks will ensure that you work quickly and efficiently while avoiding physical harm.

Don’t Cut Trees Without Expert Assessment

Before embarking on any tree felling exercise, have an expert assess it and guide you on the best way to remove it. This exercise will ensure that you do the job safely. It’s easier if you contact a tree removal company to handle the job for you. Letting the professionals handle it will ensure safety and execution according to the regulations.

Cutting the Tree Into Smaller Logs

What Happens to A Fallen Tree?

Once the tree falls, most tree removal companies will cut the tree into smaller logs as part of their tree removal cost. After cutting the tree into small pieces, they will proceed with the tree stump removal if your tree removal package includes stump grinding costs.

Debris removal from your front yard per local laws will be last. This exercise will ensure that the area surrounding your homestead is clean and free from twigs, branches, and pieces of wood from the fallen tree. Most tree removal companies will use a wood chipper to break the cut wood into smaller pieces. The small pieces are easier to dispose of or convert into fuel or wood chippings to line animal beds for warmth.

Factors That Affect Tree Removal Costs

Most homeowners assume that the cost of tree removal includes all that happens to the tree, even after felling it. This assumption is wrong. It’s wise to consult and research the tree trimming companies in your area, their tree removal services, tree removal prices, and any other additional fees before procuring any tree removal services.

The Tree Size

Size matters. The tree size is a big factor regarding the tree removal cost. If the tree in question is big, the tree removal costs will be high because of the expected risks, machines involved, and level of expertise needed to get the job done.

Additional Services

Additional services attract separate charges. Services like stump removal, tree trimming, and tree transplanting have different charges, and you should discuss these with the tree removal service company. This discussion will give you a rough idea of the total cost of your project.

Tree Species

The tree species greatly influences the cost of tree removal. The species will dictate how difficult it is to work with the tree. For instance, some trees, like conifers, have several branches on their trunks compared to gumtrees, affecting the time it will take to cut down the tree. The time factor directly translates to how much the tree service company will charge you for tree removal.

In Search of a Tree Removal Company?

Working with professional tree removal experts is recommended whether you want to trim or prune your trees. The experts will guide you on the best approach and execute the process safely and per local regulations.

At Premier Tree Specialists, we take it upon ourselves to understand your tree removal needs and work with an experienced team of tree specialists to ensure that we offer the best tree services in the region.

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