What You Need to Consider When Hiring an Arborist

You have invested lots of money and time in your trees. So, it makes sense to choose a reputable arborist to maintain your bushes, hedges, and trees. Whether it’s through tree watering, trimming, pruning, or even emergency tree removal, hiring an expert can make a significant difference in the growth and health of your trees.

With so many arborists and tree services companies online, who do you pick? Anyone can put a name on the side of a truck, set up a website, and go into business. But that doesn’t mean they are suitably qualified for a tree job. If you’re looking for a professional tree service company hire, these tips might help you find a trusted arborist.


Tree care has some inherent risks. A tree could fall on your property or an arborist could get hurt pruning a tree. Choose a fully insured contractor in case something goes wrong. You don’t want uninsured workers to make unnecessary claims on your homeowner’s insurance coverage. Any reputable and professional tree service will carry the appropriate insurance coverage. Ensure the tree service you hire has a municipal license, full workers compensation coverage for their staff, and substantial general liability insurance to cover for any losses or damages that might occur in the event of an accident. Request for an electronic version of their insurance certificates as proof of liability for physical damage and workmen’s compensation. If in doubt, contact their insurance agent to verify the current status and amount of coverage. In some cases, you could be held financially liable for an uninsured worker who’s hurt on your property or damage to your neighbor’s property. A lack of insurance coverage is a red flag.

 Safety record

We all know how dangerous tree jobs are. Serious injury and death can occur if tree care work is left to unqualified or inexperienced people. So, don’t take chances. Find a tree service that has an impeccable safety record. You can check and confirm the safety reputation within the community, and through testimonials and reviews online. Reputable tree service companies usually meet the following safety requirements :

  • Expert Arborist present on every job
  • Follows industry safety standards
  • Uses standard operating equipment

The reputation of a tree service

When looking for a tree removal company, you’d want someone with a good reputation in the community they serve. With the Internet, it’s easier than ever to check online reviews. Try to reach out to some of the company’s customers or any in the community who knows. Ask your neighbors, friends, and even family members near you. A good tree service is well known because of the quality of their work. Try to find out what kind of service the arborist provided. If a local tree service has happy customers that are ready to vouch for fo them through testimonials and reviews, that’s a sure sign the company will provide you quality tree care services.

Personality and experience

It’s great to work with an arborist with great credentials. A professional tree service usually has arborists that can work with the human side of tree care. Trees are living organisms and so are well. It’s crucial to find arborists that line up well with your style of communication. Ideally, a person that knows your regular tree issues and long-term maintenance needs. Some trees may suffer structural failure or health issues due to an event that happened some years back. A tree service professional that knows the history of our landscape will always have vital information and hindsight when assessing tree issues.

Experience also counts. Make sure the arborist you choose is familiar with the type of work you need around your backyard. Tree pruning and removals are two different skill sets. A tree service technician might remove a dying tree quickly, but that doesn’t mean they can prune your mature trees properly. A tree service may be able to remove a tree quickly, but that does not mean they will be able to properly prune your mature tree.

Type of Tree Services

Tree services and tree care work encompasses many things. Who you hire for tree work is just as important as the tree services that they offer. It makes sense to find an arborist that can provide all the tree service you might require the first time around than spend time scheduling multiple appointments from other tree companies. When looking for an arborist, you’d also want to consider the type of tree care services. A professional arborist will handle all the following:

  • Tree trimming – remove excessing branches and prune your trees to develop a strong structure
  • Tree removal service – remove dead, dying, or storm-damaged tree
  • Stump grinding and removal – grind out ugly stumps on your landscape
  • Tree care service – diagnose diseases and pests and determine fertilization and treatment needs
  • Emergency tree services -remove lingering limbs and any fallen trees after an intense storm
  • Arborist consulting –  get expert insight on all things trees from overall health, safety, and preservation

Tree Care Equipment

When you’re looking to hire a local tree service company or an Arborist, make sure that they have all the necessary equipment. Tree work, especially climbing a tree, is actually a lot more treacherous. A good tree service will have an array of tree care tools and equipment that allows them to perform tree work safely and effectively. Helmets, saddles, work gloves, straps, and protective clothing are all essential for tree work.

Arborists must have the expertise to safely climb trees and know which rigging to use and what type of saw to employ when cutting branches and limbs. Climbing arborists might come in handy for backyard, tight spaces, and situations where access is difficult or where heavy equipment might damage your underground drainage system. These professionals need to have rigging equipment for climbing, bringing down limbs to the ground, and moving heavy power tools up and down. For cutting, they might use tools like hand saws, hand pruners, and chainsaws.


Whether pruning a few trees or removing an entire lot, tree care work costs money. You want to make sure you hire a tree care company that’s honest with its pricing. A tree service that provides upfront and transparent pricing for a tree service job is easier to trust than one that keeps you in the dark until it’s time to pay. Tree companies that free estimates to customers are also likely to do honest work. If the arborist your approach is reluctant to give you a quote upfront, don’t waste your time as they could be trying to nickel and dime you or to spring a surprise.

Debris Cleanup

Clean-up is definitely something you’d want to consider before hiring a tree company near you. After a tree removal or stump grinding, you will be left with a heap of debris or soil that can look like a mess. You want to make sure the company can rake twigs and sawdust, brush chippings, clear walkways and roof, and move any waste wood and debris offsite or to the desired location. Cleaning up after tree removal or a pruning job adds time and cost to the tree job. Find out whether clean-up is included in their pricing. If you have the time, you can request a no-clean-up and save some money.


Arborist cleaning the sidewalk after tree care job


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4 Critical Factors to Consider When Hiring a Tree Service or Arborist


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