Who Removes Fallen Trees in Ohio? Must-Know Guidelines

As Ohio residents, we are accustomed to heavy rains and thunderstorms. Our state experiences both the good and the ugly side of nature during spring and summer. Although we sometimes experience heavy winds during spring and summer storms, they often cause trees to fall, destroying our properties and filling our yards with debris.

Fallen trees are the primary concern after a storm as they are the hardest to clear. In this article, our team at Premier Tree Specialists of Pepper Pike, OH, addresses Ohio’s statutes on who is responsible for removing fallen trees and branches.

Ohio’s Basic Rule on Fallen Trees

In Ohio, the person responsible for removing trees and branches following a storm is the property owner on whose property the tree has fallen or landed.

This rule may sound controversial, but surprisingly, this is also the basic rule in many regions of the United States.

The rule also dictates that you have to dig even deeper into your pockets to make your repairs. But then, some exceptional cases exist that negate this basic rule.

For instance, if a dead tree falls and damages any of a community association’s property, the owner of the property from which the tree originated must facilitate cleanup and repairs.

Property owners in Ohio must inspect and maintain trees on their property. But to avoid doubt and stay away from legal trouble, contact us at Premier Tree Specialists. As Concord’s reliable tree service contractor for tree removal services, we are happy to provide free quotes on tree removal.

Homeowners Insurance for Fallen Trees

Generally, trees add significant value to a property, so it is hard to foretell the exact season when they could cause you a considerable loss.

Strong winds could uproot trees, they could be blown apart following a lightning strike, or the weight of ice on them could be so overwhelming that they snap, damaging your roof or windows. They could also take down power lines, leaving you in the dark for days.

That is where homeowners insurance comes in.

Homeowner’s insurance covers damages if a tree on your insured property falls. For instance, you can make an insurance claim for roof damage if a tree falls or lands on your roof following a storm. However, insurance does not bear the costs of damage from a dead or rotten tree you should have cut long ago.

Some Questions Homeowners Often Ask

My Tree Fell and Damaged my Neighbor’s Shed. Will My Insurance Pay?

No. Your neighbor should file a claim through their home insurance.

My Tree Fell, But Property Was Not Damaged. Who Pays for the Tree Cleanup?

Since there are no structural damages, most insurance companies will not cover it. Thus, you will have to find a way to remove the tree at your own expense.

Where Can I Get Affordable Fallen-Tree-Removal Services in the Cleveland, Ohio, Area?

For considerations when hiring an arborist, look no further than our team at Premier Tree Specialists in Pepper Pike, OH. We provide the right team for commercial and residential tree care and maintenance throughout Cleveland and its suburbs.

Contact us at Premier Tree Specialists at (216) 245-8908 to request services or get a free quote.


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