Why Hire a Certified Arborist: Top Reasons Why

Trees provide many benefits and can significantly enhance any residential home or business. Besides granting us green leaves during summer and colorful orange and red leaves during fall, trees protect buildings from water damage and provide extra shade and fresh air. 

With so many trees around, including in busy cities, you might ask yourself, “why hire a certified arborist?” However, planting and caring for individual trees take much more work than your usual flowers or garden. 

A certified arborist or tree specialist has a level of knowledge unmatched anywhere else. We’ll explore the top reasons for hiring a certified arborist and how our tree service company in Pepper Pike, OH, can provide you with optimal tree care. 

1. Arborists Can Provide Specialized Care

Just as flowers require special care to grow and thrive properly, trees do too. The main difference, however, is that trees are a much more significant investment. You don’t want your new tree to die from a slight problem like using the wrong fertilizer or over-trimming it. 

A tree care professional can show you how to maintain your tree for years. They will relay information specific to your tree’s species. 

2. They Have the Right Tools for the Job

Properly trimming or shearing your tree or other tasks requires specialized equipment. For example, your arborist might use equipment like prunes, hand saws, climbing gear, and rigging gear such as carabiners and pulleys. 

This equipment ensures your tree’s health while also keeping your arborist safe. An arborist also knows how to work on your tree safely. Furthermore, they will handle issues like preventing a falling branch from landing on your house.

You might save a few bucks by pressing a ladder against your tree and climbing it. However, you’ll probably put yourself in danger in the process.  

3. Arborists Know When Something’s Wrong with Your Tree

The best preventive maintenance may not always prevent issues like uprooting or tree diseases. Overall, it’s much harder to tell when a tree gets sick versus an animal. 

An experienced arborist, however, can spot the first signs of looming or progressing tree diseases. In addition, having an arborist perform preventative maintenance regularly means they can treat tree diseases before they become life-threatening. 

4. They Can Boost Your Property’s Value 

Searching “why hire a certified arborist” shows that an arborist can boost your home’s property value. Trees maintained by an arborist simply look different than trees maintained by amateurs. 

Potential buyers are more willing to pay more for a home surrounded by healthy, well-trimmed trees. For business owners, visitors will appreciate beautifully manicured trees as well. 

5. Arborists Can Help with Tree Removal 

When you have dead, dying, or unwanted trees on your property, you should hire an arborist. Leaving a dying tree near your home can cause many disasters like: 

  • Falling branches due to decaying wood and storms, which can cause property damage or personal injury.
  • Falling branches that damage powerlines, causing a power outage.
  • A dead tree that attracts many pests like bark beetles, termites, ants, rats, raccoons, possums, etc. 
  • A dead tree that spreads diseases to nearby trees, infecting them.
  • Dead trees that don’t look good, impacting your curb appeal and home’s resale value. 

Let Our Premier Tree Specialists Help 

Premier Tree Specialists, LLC, is proud to serve our community by offering 24/7, professional tree services. We can assist you in planting, maintaining, or removing your tree. 

Why hire a certified arborist? Learn more by calling Premier Tree Specialists, LLC, at (216) 245-8908! We can also tell you the things you should not do during tree removal.


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