Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care in the Beachwood and Cleveland OH Area

What Does Plant Health Care Involve?

Plant health care starts the moment you plant something, with proper plant selection and healthy soil, and continues throughout the life of the plant. Watering when necessary is essential, as well as corrective pruning, and careful observation. Proper plant care can prevent pests and diseases and keep your plants alive for a long time. However, even with the best care possible, plants may not grow the way you want them to. Flowers may wilt or the leaves of your trees may brown earlier than usual. Pests can find a way through even the best preparations at times. These are some of the many reasons hiring a professional tree and plant company can be extremely beneficial to your landscape.

Understandably, many people do want to take care of their own gardens and trees. However, many landscapes require extensive amounts of time and labor to maintain properly. This is time you may not have or may be better spent elsewhere. If you want to make sure your trees and plants get the best care possible, you should contact a professional plant care company. Premier Tree Specialists, LLC. is the top choice for plant and tree care in the Beachwood, OH and Cleveland OH area.

Tree Removal if Necessary

In order to determine whether your plant or tree has a pest or disease issue, you should have a professional arborist inspect your trees and garden. When trees show signs of decline or stress of different types, it may not always be due to a pest or a disease. The cause could also be an environmental issue, like a nutrient deficiency or an irrigation issue. Abiotic disorders can lead to secondary pest and disease issues if they are not dealt with correctly.

A misdiagnosed tree issue could end up causing more damage to the landscape. The best way to avoid this is to get the opinion of a qualified arborist. It may seem like maintaining your landscape by yourself will save money. However, even one mistake can be costly to fix, a mistake that could be prevented entirely by getting a professional on the job.

Trust The Pros At Premier Tree Specialists, LLC. in the Cleveland OH Area

At Premier Tree Specialists we are very proud of the environmentally-friendly and effective system we have created to protect and cure your trees of insects and diseases. If you are experiencing signs of stress or evidence of insects or disease in your trees or shrubs, give us a call. We’ll perform a combination of visual inspection, soil, and tissue sample analysis, and from there we can offer you a series of solutions.

We work with long-term approaches when it comes to residential plant health care. We know that healthy soils make healthy trees and healthy trees are less susceptible to disease and pests, and have more natural resources to remain healthy. Diagnosis, monitoring, timing, and application of solutions are what set us apart. Call Premier Tree Specialists, LLC today at (216) 245-8908 to request a plant health care quote!


Premier Tree Specialists is a rapidly growing company with countless years of experience. We specialize in commercial and residential services providing a variety of tree care needs.

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